Anti-Cancer Challenge

UCI Head and Neck

Head and neck cancers are estimated to affect over 63,000 new individuals this year alone. This includes cancers of the mouth and throat. Diagnosis and treatment of these cancers can have a devastating impact on an individual's quality of life, affecting their ability to speak, eat, and breathe. While the overall incidence of cancer is going down each year, a subset of throat cancers that are related to the HPV virus account for the fastest-rising type of cancer in the United States. Much more progress needs to be made to decrease the incidence of head and neck cancer, as well as improve the quality of life for those affected by it.

This team is dedicated to Mr John Tremblay, who was diagnosed with an advanced stage tongue cancer in August of 2016. He underwent a 10 hour surgery to remove the cancer and reconstruct his tongue with a living tissue transplant (a free flap) from his arm. Initially, he was dependent on a feeding tube for nutrition and a tracheostomy tube in his neck for breathing, with his arm in a splint. However, he is now 7 months recovered from surgery, breathing and eating normally once again. Most importantly, he is cancer-free. He has always been an avid cyclist, and he has started riding once again, slowly increasing his mileage. His cancer and recovery had such an effect on his life, he got his first tattoo ever after surgery, of a skeleton on a bike with a cancer ribbon hanging on it (See photo on this page).
To celebrate his recovery, he is doing a 30 mile bike ride together with the UCI Head and Neck Surgery team for the Anti-Cancer Challenge on June 11. The Anti-Cancer Challenge is movement of people committed to ending cancer once and for all. Our mission is to raise as much as possible to find cures for cancer, including those that affect the head and neck.
Anti-Cancer Challenge proceeds go directly to lifesaving cancer research at the UCI Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center. As one of only 47 National Cancer Institute (NCI) designated comprehensive cancer centers, the innovative research done at UCI is developing new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer.
Alone we are strong, together we are unstoppable. Join us in the anti-cancer movement. Make a donation, join our team, and tell everyone you know to get involved with the Anti-Cancer Challenge.
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